A few years ago I came across this phrase... "It's a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together." Reading it I realized how true it is, and how blessed I am. I am so passionate about making every aspect of a couple's dream day come to life. I live for the love stories, the Pinterest boards, and those bittersweet end-of-the-wedding-day hugs where we are both so happy about how everything turned out, and so sad we won't be planning together anymore.

In working with OKOTA I've always wanted couples to feel like they have really built a relationship with a friend. Over several months we will have sent countless emails, calls, and texts, and we will have developed a trust so that you can feel like the vision of your wedding day is in the hands of a very dear friend. 

Whether we are your photographers, your day of coordinator, your floral designer, your invitation designer, dessert bar designer, or if we are lucky enough to do all of the above, you can feel confident and comfortable that my team and I know you, what you love, and how to make it happen :)

A little more about me...

I earned degrees in graphic design as well as photography from Xavier University. In 2014 I received my International Wedding Planning Certification from QC Event School, and set out with the goal of building a wedding business that offered a whole new level of ease and comfort for busy brides trying to plan their dream weddings.

I planned my own dream wedding in August of 2017, and am now over the moon to be married to my best friend and high school sweetheart, Kris. Now we have two fur babies we are absolutely obsessed with, Willow and Winston, who have an older brother in our pet turtle, Chip! 


OKOTA comes from the word ‘Kota” and the expression ‘O’. ‘O’ is often times used when one is in awe of something. ‘Kota’ is derived from the name of the Native American tribe, the Lakota. The Lakota people are believers in the turtle creation story…

Long ago the creator summoned a turtle to go to the bottom of the sea and bring forth the earth. When the turtle emerged from the water it had upon its back the mud foundation of the land. This land was built upon by the Creator, forming our world.

From this Native American creation story turtles have become symbols of a strong foundation, longevity, and wisdom. Their slow movements remind us to slow down, and enjoy life on this earth. Their long lifespan, and wrinkled appearance make them a symbol of longevity and wisdom. The turtle is said to have the oldest of all animal souls.

OKOTA honors this Native American symbolism in their work. OKOTA works to create a strong foundation for the start of a changed life. OKOTA makes this foundation strong and capable of long time success with wisdom gained through years of experience. In what can be a stressful time, OKOTA does all the work, making it possible for our clients to be able to slow down, and enjoy the process.

Let OKOTA be your turtle, because OKOTA genuinely cares about the start of your forever.

ABOUT The Team

OKOTA's team is the best of the best. Each person has been hand-selected by Abbie based on their talent and passion for what they do. Our coordinators have lots of experience and have been trained in every aspect of planning by Abbie herself. Our photographers understand that you love OKOTA's photography style, and are trained to provide you top-quality photos so you can forever cherish the memories of your beautiful day. Katie, OKOTA's floral designer has been styling wedding bouquets for over 7 years. She has an amazing talent for arranging bouquets, centerpieces and more! And then there's Patty, OKOTA's dessert baker, who makes the most delicious desserts your guests could ever ask for. 

We all love OKOTA couples, we all know weddings, and we are all very good at what we do :)


Would you like to join OKOTA's team? Contact us at info@okotaweddings.com to learn more.