Rapture Dance Company

Starting your own business is a crazy, scary, daunting, project. It takes a lot of guts, a lot of sweat, a lot of tears, and whole lot of heart. I have so much respect for anyone who pursues their dreams with all of the above. 


When I heard my childhood friend, Lauren Crawford, was starting her own business, Rapture Dance Company, I was beyond excited for her. I've photographed her dancing before so I know her talent and love for dance. As I've seen her company and studio space come together over the last several months I've been consistently impressed with her dedication, attention to every detail, and passion for what she does. When she reached out to me about having OKOTA take her website photos I couldn't jump at the opportunity fast enough, and I'm so glad I did. 


Of course, I'm used to weddings and portrait sessions, so I knew photographing dancers would be a bit different technically. However, it is very similar in a very important way. I love photographing people in a space that they love. Wether that is in the arms of the brand new spouse, or on a dance floor really doesn't matter. When behind that camera I can truly feel in my own heart the passion, love, and happiness that emanates from my subjects. It's my job to capture that feeling visually so others can experience it too. 


I think her website is turning out amazing. The photos seem to really convey what an amazing space this studio is for young dancers, and what talent and passion Lauren, and all of the instructions have for their art. It was a day full of dancing, smiling, laughing (lots of laughing) and I'm so happy and honored that OKOTA is able to be a part of Lauren's new journey. 


I would highly recommend Rapture Dance Company for dance instruction in every age group. There is a huge variety of classes offered and even first dance lessons if you want to kick off your wedding reception in a really impressive way! 

To visit the Rapture Dance Company site and to see more OKOTA photos click here